Decayed Sycamore Tree Removal in Peebles

decayed sycamore tree removal in Peebles.

Removal Following Failed Branch Union

This decayed Sycamore tree removal was first flagged up during a recent site survey. The tree in question was located on an estate where Thomson Trees Ltd carry out a large amount of tree work near Peebles for a regular client.

It had a noticeable split developing at a major scaffold branch union. Due to the location next to a sheep handling area, it was prioritised for removal. Unfortunately due to the extent of the decay (evident in the photo above), it failed shortly after its removal was recommended. Thankfully no major damage was done other than to a farm gate and some dry stone walling, but it highlights the need for regular tree surveying. In this case, the failure could have been predicted earlier on and dealt with accordingly, with perhaps even the possibility of some remedial pruning to retain the tree for a few more years.

Hazard Assessment to Determine trees Stability

Upon arrival at the site, the first step was to assess the stability of the tree and make the decision if it was safe to climb, or if a MEWP was going to be required.

A sounding hammer was used around the base of the tree in order to check for audible signs of decay. Although it was quite obvious that there was a huge amount of decay present, there was also a significant amount of reactionary regrowth around the wound, which can still retain considerable strength. The sounding hammer enabled us to check the integrity of this growth in a quick and efficient manner. In this case, the tree was deemed safe to climb, primarily due to the fact that it could be pieced out in handheld sections. Had any sort of rigging been required, a MEWP would have been used due to the unpredictable forces that would have then been involved.

The decayed Sycamore tree removal was carried out in a timely manner and with minimal large equipment needed. Our skid steer and grapple came in handy for moving some of the larger wood out of the way, keeping the ground area clear at all times so our team could work safely and efficiently.

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