Dead Beech Tree Crane Removal

crane removal of beech tree in edinburgh

Edinburgh Tree Surgeons use 40t Crane to Remove Dangerous Tree

This week gave us the ideal opportunity to further develop our skills in the use of mobile cranes for tree work.

The tree in question was a reasonably large dead Beech tree located on a well-kept lawn on a residential development in Edinburgh. Following our assessment at quotation stage, the tree was deemed too dangerous to rig from due to the brittle nature of the fungus found at the base. Felling the tree was out of the question, as was dropping any larger timber near the base of the tree. We therefore decided the best course of action was to employ a mobile crane. This would allow the safe removal of the tree with minimal risk to our tree surgeon who would be carrying out the aerial dismantling operation.

A team of 5 was used. One climber and 4 groundsmen to deal with the large volume of material being lifted from the tree with each pick. Using the appropriate amount of manpower is vital to keep jobs of this scale flowing, ensuring neither the climber or crane operator is kept waiting.

The tree was safely dismantled within a 4-hour window with no damage to the lawn area or block paved road surface, with all timber and wood chips safely loaded and ready to be transported back to our yard for recycling.

For all tree work in Edinburgh and surrounding towns and villages, contact Thomson Trees Ltd. We specialise in the safe and efficient removal of large dangerous trees with mobile cranes, rigging, or straight felling. We are happy to meet you on-site to discuss the best approach to dealing with your tree, and offer free no-obligation quotes on all tree work.

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