Large Tree Removal in Edinburgh

tree removal in edinburgh

This week our teams have been busy carrying out large tree removal in Edinburgh. The trees were a mixture of species, including Sycamore and Beech. Unfortunately, many of the trees had succumbed to Honey Fungus, which causes extensive rot in the root system of affected trees. One of the Beech trees was infected with Kretzschmaria deusta(Brittle Cinder Fungus). This is also of significant concern, particularly with roadside trees and their increased targets.

Due to the root systems of the trees being compromised, we chose to use a crane for their removal. This meant the trees could be removed with minimal shock loading, therefore reducing the chances of failure during the tree removal process.

In addition to this, the trees were overhanging a road that would need traffic management/road closure. As this was a well used road, closing it for any length of time would prove both costly as well as being inconvenient to the road users. Utilising a crane would mean the trees could be dismantled in a fraction of the time conventional climbing and rigging would allow, therefore minimising disruption to traffic as much as possible.

Using a combination of manpower, and heavy machinery(forwarder, loader, crane, wood chipper), all trees were removed quickly and efficiently. All wood chip and waste timber was removed from the site to be processed and recycled.

For large tree removal in Edinburgh get in touch with Thomson Trees. We guarantee professional and worry-free service for all tree work, no matter how challenging.

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