Removal of Tree Overhanging Edinburgh School

school site tree removal.

This mature Sycamore tree had previously been pollarded at 4m, and the regrowth was estimated at approximately 12m in length. In recent winds the tree was reported as making significant creaking noises which was obviously causing alarm to the school, particularly as a substantial amount of the trees crown was overhanging a classroom.

An aerial inspection by one of our arborists revealed quite a large amount of decay at the previous pollard points. Ideally, this tree should have been maintained more regularly following the original pruning. Due to the location of the tree, it’s lean towards the school building, and the amount of decay present, it was concluded that the best approach, in this case, was the removal of the tree entirely.

This was no easy task due to its location, with the trunk being boxed in by railings as well as being on a slope. This was a really tricky site, and one which needed technical rigging to ensure no damage was made to the building, railings, or tarmac beneath the tree. In total, our team took a full day to dismantle and remove all the arisings from the site.

Your team were very pleasant, on time, tidy and have the right equipment; so very happy to recommend.

We have seen an increase in the amount of tree maintenance on school sites in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. With schools mostly shut down, this has given grounds managers the time to catch up on maintenance with less disruption or planning needed due to working around regular school timetables.

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