Creating a safer industry

The Forestry Industry Safety Accord (FISA) was formed to create a steering group within the forestry industry. Its main focus, to reduce the amount of serious and fatal accidents in forestry.

By bringing everyone involved in forestry together, FISA encourages a joint effort to improve health and safety in the workplace.

FISA’s action plan includes:

  • Management of health and safety in forestry guidance booklets
  • Safety communication and promotion
  • Better accident statistics
  • Behavioural change management
  • Chainsaw refresher training
  • Timber haulage in the forest
  • Working safely with electricity
  • Competence of forest works managers and site supervisors

Being a FISA member enables Thomson Trees to play our part in the accord, as well as improving our own education and training methods, and most importantly our safety standards.

Click here to see a copy of our FISA certificate of membership.

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