Selection and supply ofpot grown and bare-rooted trees

Thomson Trees are passionate about the planting of amenity trees and hedges in Edinburgh. Not only does tree planting improve habitat but also provides natural screening and shade which is important in our ever expanding Scottish cities. From beech and hawthorn hedging plants, to more established oak and Scots pine trees, we can supply you with quality locally sourced stock which are hand selected by us.

TREE Planting Methods

We are able to offer a full range of tree planting techniques including planting with or without weed abatement measures and tubing/staking to protect against voles, rabbits, hares and deer. Expert advice is always offered on the upkeep of your newly planted trees, and aftercare is also available.

The improvement and maintenance of existing hedgerows

We are able to advise on improving habitat, screening, durability and biodiversity using various hedging species. Reductions in height and mass, as well as filling in of damaged or missing sections of hedgerow are also services offered. Restorations of old hedgerows can transform your property in just a few short years. This is often preferable to felling and replanting a hedge from scratch. We will be happy to advise you if this is a viable option for your hedge.

Creating A Greener Future

We take a huge amount of pride in planting trees and pro-actively promote this service to our customers, especially after the removal of existing trees. According to the Edinburgh Living Landscape website, to replace the amount of trees that are dying or in decline in Edinburgh, we would need to plant 6000 trees per annum. In fact, Thomson Trees over the past 3 years alone have planted on average 2750 trees per annum within Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

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Get in touch for a free tree planting quote

All quotations are free of charge at Thomson Trees Ltd. We are always delighted to hear from old and new clients, and will be happy to discuss your trees and offer any advice we can.