Edinburghhedge cutting services

Thomson Trees offer professional hedge cutting, trimming, and reductions throughout Edinburgh. Using a variety of hedge cutting and access equipment we can make easy work out of even the most troublesome overgrown hedge.

From Leylandii and Laurel hedging, to traditional mixed hedgerows, we approach all jobs with the same mindset. That is to attain a neat, level, aesthetically pleasing boundary hedge that our customers will be proud of.

Hedge trimming

We use a selection of professional hedge trimmers, both short and long reach to help us trim hedges of any height and width. With the assistance of step ladders, MEWPS(cherry picker) and in some cases via climbing, hedge height is no problem for us at all.

Hedge Reductions

In many cases, we are asked to heavily reduce overgrown hedges. Leylandii are the usual suspects, however, we do get asked to reduce all manner of hedge types. Often with Leylandii they can reach a size that makes a reduction futile. Too heavy a reduction of the top can have a negative impact on the hedges vitaility, while too much off the sides will most certainly result in no future growth. Other species such as Hawthorn, Field Maple, or Laurel, can be reduced harder and with great results.

Overgrown Hedge Restorations

For overgrown hedges of a suitable variety, it is often possible to carry out a restoration process to restore the hedge to its former glory. This is typically carried out over a longer period and involves a combination of heavy height and width reduction, along with replanting any gaps. The hedge is subsequently maintained with regular trimming to encourage the new growth to form a dense and compact new hedgerow. We typically expect this process to start yielding great results after a 2-3 year period.

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Hedge Removal

For times when reduction is no longer an option(generally in the case of overgrown conifers), we offer a Leylandii hedge removal service in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Our services include the complete removal of the hedgerow along with the stumps if required. In addition we also offer a hedge planting service along with aftercare to ensure your new hedge/screen grows to the best of its abilities.

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