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Once trees have been felled, it is usually desirable in a built up area to remove the remaining stumps. The reasons for stump removal are numerous and include preventing the regrowth of certain trees species, to removing a trip hazard or to allow for building works. In many cases our customers request our tree planting service following a tree removal. Removing the previous trunk and excavating the area accordingly, allows us to replant in the same spot almost immediately.

Our mechanically operated stump removal machines work by grinding the tree stump down to a fine woodchip. Where possible this is then backfilled into the hole and left on site to mulch down. This is the most cost-effective option as a rule, not to mention the most environmentally friendly.  In cases where replanting is to be carried out or fresh turf to be layed, it is often necessary to excavate the area and backfill with a suitable top soil.
Stumps, including surface roots are generally ground down to a minimum of 15cms below the surface. Deeper tree roots are left in the ground to degrade over time, unless there is an overiding reason to remove them. We use a variety of stump grinders that can access any site, including through narrow garden gates or even be carried through your property where no other suitable access exists. At the other end of the scale, we use a larger tracked machine that can quickly and efficiently grind numerous stumps of any size in a short space of time.

Where entire root balls need to be removed, particularly if dealing with a windblown tree stump, we often use an excavator for the stump removal and then level out the site. This can include bringing in topsoil and removing the root ball from site if required.

Safety Considerations

Most underground services should be at least 15cms below the ground, although we ask all our customers to accurately mark or expose any nearby services prior to the commencement of works.

All our staff are fully trained in the correct operation and maintenance of the stump grinding machines we use. When on site we ensure all work areas are cordoned off to protect members of the public. In addition we will erect safety barriers where necessary to protect any surrounding targets, such as glass windows.

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