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When choosing an arborist or tree surgeon to work on your trees, you should ensure that at a minimum they have the necessary certificates of competency to undertake the work.

As many of these certificates are not necessarily legal requirements, finding a suitably skilled tree surgeon to undertake your works can be a minefield. This is where the Arboricultural Association’s Arb Approved accreditation comes into play. One of the requirements Thomson Trees fulfilled during the process of becoming an Arb Approved Contractor was proving the staff were not only competent but also fully qualified. Choosing an Arb Approved tree service in Edinburgh or the surrounding areas gives you added peace of mind knowing that your tree surgeon is indeed capable of carrying out your work in the professional manner that you are paying for.

Our qualifications include

General Qualifications

  • Driving licenses to cover all categories appropriate for towing heavy plant trailers
  • First aid in the work place
  • Manual handling training for all staff

Arborist Qualifications

  • Chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting
  • Felling and processing trees of any size
  • Assisted tree felling(ropes, winches)
  • Windblown trees
  • Tree climbing and aerial rescues
  • Use of chainsaws up a tree
  • RIgging operations for tree removals
  • Use of hedge cutters and other pruning tools
  • Use of wood chippers of all sizes
  • MEWP training (cherry picker)
  • Forwarding and skidding operations
  • Signing, lighting and guarding (for road works)
  • Pesticide use

Specialist Qualifications

  • Risk assessment training specifically for commercial arboriculture
  • Professional tree inspection training
  • IOSH working safely

Ongoing development

Thomson Trees are committed to the ongoing development of its staff as well as owners. Having these systems of training in place ensure we are never caught standing still, but always moving forward and progressing at all levels.

As well as being an Arb Approved company, we have also worked hard to attain Trustmark Accreditation. This again drew a fresh focus from all members of the team, forcing us to search for gaps in our knowledge to improve upon.


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