Chestnut Tree Felling in Edinburgh

Chestnut tree felling in Edinburgh being carried out by professional tree surgeons.

This large Chestnut tree felling in Edinburgh presented several challenges for our team to overcome. Not only was it was situated in a landlocked urban garden, but it was also severely decayed meaning any aerial climbing had to be approached with caution. The obvious method to remove the tree in this instance was by employing the use of a 40ft crane.

Road Closure for Tree Felling in Edinburgh

Sourcing a suitable 40ton crane hire and operator for the removal of this tree was the first hurdle. The second was where to position the crane to safely lift the cut sections from the landlocked garden. Right in the middle of the road was the only option, which unfortunately would require a road closure.

This of course would involve additional hurdles in the process. When planning for a road closure for tree felling in Edinburgh, a number of steps need to be taken including firstly applying for permission for the road closure, and of course notifying residents of the date the works would commence. With all these additional measures factored in it left us with very little margin for error on the day of the job.

With all the organisation that had gone into this one job, cancellation would not have been an option in the event of bad weather. Thankfully when the time came, we had glorious sunshine for most of the day which was certainly one less thing for our tree surgeon and ground crew to worry about!

With the road successfully closed and adequate ground crew to control any pedestrians, the work zone was ready for lifting timber into.

road closure for tree removal in edinburgh.
Road closure for tree removal
tree felling in Edinburgh using a mobile crane to lift sections of timber onto the road.
When the timber was picked onto the road you could clearly see the decayed insides leaking out of the stems.
Lifting the final stem out of the garden
Lifting the stump grinder into the garden to remove the tree stump

Stump Removal

Having the crane on the job not only made the task of removing timber from the garden easier, it also gave us the option of moving machinery into the garden. This meant that we could complete the job fully by removing the stump. The job was successfully completed up in the time we had allowed which resulted in yet another happy customer. Our tractor and trailer speeded up the process of removing the timber from the site, of which there was a substantial amount.

If you have a problem tree and are looking for an Edinburgh tree surgeon you can trust, please contact us at Thomson Trees where we will be happy to arrange a site visit and free quotation.

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