Roadside Tree Management

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Management Of Dead & Dangerous Estate Trees

For the past 5 weeks, Thomson Trees have been felling and dead wooding dangerous roadside trees on a large estate south of Edinburgh.

Following the results of a tree survey that was carried out, a large number of trees were flagged up as needing urgent remedial work. Amongst the trees marked for removal were a number that were considered of particularly high risk to the public, and as such were prioritised as emergency tree removals. Defects found included root plates compromised due to fungal colonisation, historical storm damage that had left the structure of some trees in a weakened state, and some that had simply reached the end of their natural life span and were in a state of decline.

Traffic Management for Roadside Tree Work & Minimising Disruption

Due to a large number of these trees being located roadside, traffic management, or in some cases road closures were needed to safely remove or prune any of the trees marked for work. One positive side of the current lockdown restrictions meant that the roads were generally a lot quieter than they would typically have been, meaning less disruption and delay was caused to motorists and members of the public.

However on the flip side of the coin, there were a number of trees overhanging power lines and bt lines that needed to be temporarily shut down, or in some cases taken down completely to facilitate the safe removal of the trees. Thankfully with the area being quite rural the number of people affected by this was minimal, but to avoid disruption being any longer than necessary, our teams were scaled up to get the trees down, and lines back up, in the shortest timeframe possible.

Thomson Trees have 6 further estates nearby to Edinburgh to carry out similar tree safety works on in the coming months.

tree safety works on an estate south of Edinburgh.

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